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PT. Ispat Indo

PT. Ispat Indo was established in Indonesia in 1976. The company was set up as a 60,000 tpa Greenfield project, for rolling. Today, Ispat Indo has an annual production capacity in excess of 700,000 tons. Details...


  • High Carbon Steel Wire Rod
  • Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
  • Cold Heading Quality Steel Wire Rod
  • Welding Electrode Grades Steel Wire Rod
  • Bar in coil For Concrete Reinforcement

Industrial Process

  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Ladle Refining Furnace
  • Continuous Casting Machine with (M-Electro Magnetic Stire)
  • Wire Rod Mill

PT. Ispat Wire Products (100% subsidiary of PT. Ispat Indo)

PT. Ispat Wire Products was established in 1991 which is the largest nail producer in Indonesia. Our working philosophy is guided towards continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services so as to surpass the best standards in the industry. Details...


  • Nails for Local
  • Nails for Export
  • Straight Bars
  • Steel wire / nail wire

Industrial Process

  • Wire Drawing
  • Nail Making
  • Cutting & Straightening

PT. Ispat Panca Putera (100% subsidiary of PT. Ispat Indo)

PT. Ispat Panca Putera is located in the Gresik Industrial Estate on East Java. Details...


  • Round Bar 06 mm - 32 mm
  • Deformed Bar 06 mm - 32 mm
  • Shafting Bar 06 mm - 32 mm

PT. Ispat Bukit Baja (100% subsidiary of PT. Ispat Indo)

PT. Ispat Bukit Baja was established in 1994, as a steel manufacturer that produces steel long products i.e. Steel Angle Bars, Steel Channel, Round Bars and Steel Strips. Details...


  • Equal Angle Bars (SNI-07-2054-2006, Eq. to JIS G 3101 & JIS G 3192)
  • Flat Bars (JIS G 3101 Grade SS 41 for structural steel)
  • U-Channel (SNI-07-2054-2006, Eq. to JIS G 3101 & JIS G 3192)
  • Steel Strips

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is delivering Quality Products by satisfying Customer Needs and Expectations through trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

We implement an Effective Quality Management System, comply with Requirements and Carry out Continual Improvement in all aspects of our business, involving our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

Our Achievements

The first ISO 9001 certified company for steel wire rods, bars and billets in Indonesia

ISO 9001 Approval Certificate JIS Approval Certificate
iso9001 UKAS Quality Management
ISO 14001 Approval Certificate Steel Bar for Reinforcement
iso14001 UKAS Environmental Management sni-2005
OHSAS Approval Certificate Steel Bar in Coil
ohsas18001 UKAS Management System sni-2005
ISO 150001 Approval LP - 455 – IDN Accreditation by KAN
ohsas18001 UKAS Management System UKAS Management System
SMK3 Approval Certificate Proper Approval Certificate Zero Accident Approval Certificate
ohsas18001 Proper Approval Zero Accident
SIRIM Approval
Zero Accident

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